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Live Nation Concert Week

May 10 through May 16

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Get Tickets for 12,500 Points each

Live Nation Concert Week is back marking the kick-off to an epic summer concert season. Concert Week gives fans access to participating Live Nation events with a special all-in ticket offer - spend $25 per ticket, 12,500 Hilton Honors Points per ticket, or use any combination of Points and cash starting at just 500 Points. Connect your Hilton Honors and Ticketmaster accounts today to make sure you’re prepped and ready to pay with Points when tickets to your favorite events go on sale. Here’s how:



Connect your Hilton Honors account to your Ticketmaster account in a few clicks.



Once connected, view your Points total and use your available balance at checkout.



Use Points to pay for all or part of your purchase at or Connect Your Accounts >> Connect Your Accounts >>

Frequently Asked Questions
Where do I go to connect my Hilton Honors and Ticketmaster Account?
Navigate to Account Settings under the My Account menu on There you will be able to connect or disconnect your Hilton Honors Account in the ‘Connected Accounts’ tab.
How can I join the Hilton Honors program?
Please visit to join the guest program.
What can I buy with Points?
With your Hilton Honors Points, you can buy any eligible tickets to any event on Ticketmaster.
Note: Some exclusions apply:
•Tickets available through a Credit Card Sponsored offer (e.g. a credit card presale)
•Ticket Insurance
What are my Hilton Honors Points worth at
500 Hilton Honors Points equal one dollar on
Is there a minimum amount of Points required to pay with my Hilton Honors Points?
Yes. You must have at least a balance of five (5) Points in order to use for a purchase on Ticketmaster.
Can I use Hilton Honors Points toward my Ticketmaster purchase over the phone?
No. You can only use Points towards purchases online at
Can I pay for part of my order with Hilton Honors Points and the rest with another payment method?
Yes. You may use your Hilton Honors Points to make a partial payment and then use an eligible Credit Card or Ticketmaster gift card to pay for the rest of your order. Third party payments such as PayPal, Venmo and Apple Pay are not available as a secondary payment option.
Can I apply promotional codes or credits to orders in which I use Hilton Honors Points to pay?
Yes, you may apply any eligible promotional codes or credits to orders paid using Points. Ticketmaster first applies the promo codes or credit amount stored on your account, then the Hilton Honors Points you requested to use, and finally any remaining balance to the Credit or Charge Card connected to your registered account.
Can I combine Points from multiple programs to pay for my order?
No. Points from multiple reward programs cannot be aggregated for a single order. If you don’t have enough Points to pay for your entire order, the remaining balance will be charged to a credit card.
I have a gift card or stored value available in my Ticketmaster account. How will this be applied when paying with Hilton Honors Points?
Ticketmaster first applies the Hilton Honors Points you requested to use, then the gift card or stored value amount, and finally any remaining balance to the Credit or Charge Card.
How do I receive my money back in the event of a cancellation or if I request a refund?
In the event of a cancellation or refund, Points used for purchases will be returned back to the account from which they were used. If they were part of a larger transaction including a gift card or credit card, the amount of Hilton Honors Points used will be refunded back to the original account.
What if I no longer want to use my Hilton Honors Points to make purchases on Ticketmaster?
If you no longer want to use your Hilton Honors Points to Pay with Points at Ticketmaster, you can disconnect your account under the ‘Connected Accounts’ tab in your Account Settings. You will still be able to use your other payment methods connected to your Ticketmaster account for transactions on